sculpted horse ring in silver with oxidized patina.

oxidation wears off over time, leaving the depths dark 
and keeping the 3D-feel of the horse head.

approximate size

horse head
height: 9 mm
width: 6 x 8 mm

width: 2 mm
thickness: 0,7 mm


each DDsthlm jewelry piece is handmade by Desirée at the studio in Stockholm.

Horses mean a lot to me, not only because they are so beautiful and wild and free, but also because one of my many guides is a white horse. It first came to me in a meditation in 2003. I remember it coming around the bend, silver-white, with long mane. It walked up to me and communicated to me to get closer. As I rested my forehead and stroke my left hand over the neck, I felt such warmth - I felt home. We stood like that for a long time.

Wearing the horse ring, I always feel like I have a guardian angel watching over me. It brings me love, power, unconditional energy and reminds me of my own authenticity. A horse is such an intuitive animal with wild spirit - just like you and me.

600 SEK